Des (deskitty) wrote,

Exercise Log

I've been bad about actually logging exercise in here.

Since my leg is still bugging me (WTF?), I've decided to give myself the week off of running and focus on upper-body strength. (If/when I resume next week, it'll be a walk/hike, not a run/hike, until I'm confident I'm not injured somehow.) This means (for me, at least), sit-ups and push-ups.

Today I managed 40 on-my-knees push-ups and 120 sit-ups in a half an hour. This is certainly much better than I was doing, say, a year ago during my previous attempt at exercise (when I was struggling to do 30/100 in 45-60 min).

I feel like I could've pushed harder today, but due to past rather negative experiences with strength-building, I'm taking that part of it slowly. I don't want to go into heavy mood swings again -- those are just Not Fun.

In other news, I didn't make it to Pride last weekend. :/ (Bad bi boy, I know.) But I did get a fair amount of stuff cleaned up around the apartment.

Also, my fingers are getting worse again. If this trend continues, I'm going in to the doc and asking for physical therapy. And I might need to make some arrangements with work, but we'll see.

Now, off to the shower!

-- Des
Tags: exercise

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