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Further Confusion was a thing

I've been pretty sour on conventions on in general lately, because I'm just not a big-crowd kind of person, and the whole furry thing has been less and less interesting to me of late. At this point, cons are mainly a way for me to see people who live far away, and whom I otherwise wouldn't get a chance to see.

That's mostly what I did at FC this year. I went to a few events, but for the most part I just wandered around, catching up with people. It was good, and there was almost no drama for me personally, although some people close to me had some drama (it's a furry con, after all).

Now that FC is at the San Jose Convention Center, it's gotten progressively more annoying to get there and to leave. I can't complain too much, since it really wouldn't fit anywhere else at this point, but logistics were definitely annoying and took up more time than I would have liked.

We were also double-booked with VolleyballCon this year (as we were last year). I personally don't mind sharing space--it's a big world, after all--but there is always some friction. Last year, enough volleyball parents were butt-hurt that it made the newspaper (since they were also double-booked with HempCon 6 months prior). This year, a few of the volleyball folks were tweeting impolite things about furries. That's really not-cool -- we made an effort to keep things separate, and most of us try very hard to ensure we don't make non-furries feel uncomfortable.

What's even more not-cool, however, was a few furries' response to those tweets. There was some mockery, trolling, and general impoliteness on our side as well. There was even an unflattering picture of a dude making a stupid face wearing a T-shirt with some rude words about one of the volleyball players scrawled in Sharpie. That's pretty much middle-school humor and unacceptable coming from people who are (supposed to be) adults, especially when it's directed at teens who don't know any better.

So a few people from both sides got into it (virtually) when they really shouldn't have. But I feel like for the most part, everyone else was respectful of each other. A few bad apples won't ruin a con (or two cons), so I'm glad we managed to mostly get along.

Volleyball drama notwithstanding, it was a good con. I got to see most of the people I wanted to, and didn't get too overwhelmed at all the crowds and noise. And now I'm back at Boy's house, getting caught up on the rest of life and getting some quiet time in before I have to go back to the grind.

-- Des
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