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I might be "officially" sick. (Updated)

Actually, I'm not, but I might as well be.

I'm still very sore from our game of frisbee on the beach on Saturday. Furthermore, I had some breakfast (read: danish) that really did not agree with me...and I mean that in a bad way.

What little sleep I got this weekend was bad sleep (as opposed to good sleep, which is restful, or something...not having had it for a while, I don't really remember). After all this weekend was said and done, I come back to...this.

206 Lab.

Dear God, I'm bored. Probably because all I want to do right now is sleep.

And I just realized I forgot to give Dan my notebook. Oops.

I'm seriously considering going home after my quiz in 215, and sleeping.

Update 17:45 PDT: I went home, and slept. Got up, took a shower, and here I sit. I didn't *need* to, per se...I probably would have been fine with a 2hr nap in the UU, but my body was just saying "No. No fscking way are you doing stuff today." So instead of trying to argue with it (like I usually do), I just said "fine, you win"...and here I am.

-- Des

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