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Can I kill my laptop now?

modprobe segfaults when loading the PCMCIA drivers.

wlan0 comes up OK, but IPsec sporadically dies.

Sound has randomly decided to stop working (probably a driver issue, since it still seems to work--sporadically--on an older kernel).

The machine has issues with rebooting.

The display (an ATI Mach64 at 1024x768) is pure, unaccelerated ass.

I have <4G disk space left...because the hard disk is a tiny 15GB.

It's an AMD Duron, from Sony, no less...what else do I need to say?

Don't even get me started on its history...I've had problems with the RAM, the battery, and the hard disk (which might be acting up again). It took a month to get the hard disk issue resolved, during which I had no laptop...compared to Dell's 48-hour turnaround time on deneb's DVD drive.

Is it just me, or do I get the feeling that this is not a reliable machine?

-- Des

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