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Update on the Past Few Days

Monday: Monday sucked, as usual. I had class from 9 AM to 9 PM. Not straight, of course, but a 12-hour spread is still a long time. CPE215 had us writing sorts in assembler, which was cool. It would have been more cool had I not lost it all in a CVS mishap. I thankfully didn't have to make up last week's CPE259 lab (I was feeling really sick that day), but got annoyed (as usual) at this week's lab.

Tuesday: Tuesday, I worked...and made an extra hour by helping to unload 50-odd computers which are destined for 14-303. Unfortunately, I also pulled some muscles, and generally screwed my back up royally, to the point where it was bugging me for pretty much the rest of the day.

LM and I went out to MdO again, and stayed out there for a good 4 hours, walking and talking, as we usually do. I'm beginning to really look forward to the time we spend talking...and I've also found that I prefer to stay closer to the water when I'm with other people.

Today: Hmmm, today was mostly uneventful. I recovered my Assembly program, and got it working. Now I just have to do the writeup, and paste some sample outputs in to show that it actually works.

I found out today that I have two midterms next Friday...which makes me a rather unhappy Des. Fortunately, the 215 midterm is open-book, open-notes (I haven't yet asked if "book" includes my computer), so I don't have to worry too much about it...considering that I've been practicing my assembly skills. The 219 midterm I'm slightly more concerned about, though. The quizzes he's given up to this point have been relatively easy, but I haven't exactly been taking good notes during the past few classes.

BTW, kion is right...unfiltered apple juice tastes much, much better than the real thing.

-- Des

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