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More on the Laptop

Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 22:39:57 -0700
From: "Joshua J. Berry" <xxx AT condordes DOT net>
To: "Jim Berry" <>
Subject: More Laptop-fu

If you like, after proofreading, you can show this to Mom. I'm being as detailed, factual, explanatory, I possibly can be. If you can think of anything else to help, I'll gladly edit.

-- Josh


I'm sitting here, working right's about 10:10 PM Thursday night. I'm using my laptop since the machines in the lab don't have Linux on them, and trying to write code for CSC 206.

I have 3 terminal windows open, one in the Database API directory, one more in the implementation directory, and a third connected to the database itself. I have two editors open, one looking at the implementation itself, the other looking at the Java classes being used to hold the data. In addition, I have two Mozilla windows open on a separate desktop, one for the Java API, and another for the Database API. I'm having to constantly switch between the two desktops to refer to the APIs, while trying to juggle the terminal windows and editors to make sure they all fit on the screen and I can see everything. If my
monitor were bigger, I would be able to fit the browser windows in with everything else, but that's not possible on this size screen.

I have my audio player open in the background (on the first desktop, with the browser windows) tuned to Massinova, an Internet radio station I happen to like while coding. The sound is OK right now, but I know that if I leave XMMS (my audio player) open long enough, the music will eventually start to pick up some "static" from the soundcard. If I try to fix this static by closing my audio player and sound server and restarting them, my sound card will stop working completely.

Because I spend most of my day on campus, between classes, I have to use this machine for most of my work. This means that when I want to develop (not just personally, but for class, too), I have to use a machine with insufficient screen space. If you remember, this was raised as an issue when we initially bought my current laptop, but I agreed to live with it for the time being, so we didn't have to spend as much money. I also wasn't doing large amounts of development for school at that time...most of what I was using the computer for
(as far as schoolwork went) were papers, writing, etc.

Furthermore, if I take any classes in the future that require Windows (e.g. MFC programming, .NET programming, or similar), I'm not going to be able to actually run Windows on this machine. Why? I currently have about 3 GB disk space free on my machine. Visual Studio .NET takes up 2.5+ GB, while Windows XP takes up 1 GB. Thus, I won't have enough space to install the software I need. Dual-booting deneb isn't an option, as deneb is my primary web and email server (the amount of time I spend on campus notwithstanding).

Sure enough, my sound card just started acting up. The only way I'm going to be able to fix it is to drop everything I'm doing and reboot. Here goes.

-- Des

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