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Today is hellish, though in that masochistic, feel-good sort of way from getting lots of stuff done.

I had several people bug me during 206 lab (many of them at once) about the Database. It's's coming. I have to write examples, and finish my test implementation. It's in some ways tiring, but it's also nice to have lots of people actually use the code I write, for once.

Let's see...what else? I'm on campus from 9-9 again today, as usual (yes, that's 12 hours). I don't want to do this 12-hour day thing again.

It's not that I don't have breaks -- I do -- but I'd much prefer to have 4 or so hours of classes, one right after the other, and then be able to go opposed to having everything broken up with several-hour breaks in between.

I have a midterm on Wednesday, and another on Friday...which is better than having them both on Wednesday, I suppose (that's what I thought originally). I do, however, have a mini-project due for 219 Wednesday, that I haven't even started.

To top it all off, think I partied too hard this weekend. When, exactly, am I supposed to sleep?

I don't to 215, for some more lectures in stack management on the Motorola 68K architecture.

/me ponders writing a Motorola emulator in Perl/Python...

-- Des

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