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So much to do, so little time...

Current Action Items

  • [bug 15] Update the CSC 206 Database examples to actually match the API.

  • [bug 23] Add toString()s to the database classes.

  • [bug 20] Refactor the Oracle database implementation to match the API.

  • [bug 22] CoverageTest covers blocks in switch statements that aren't actually run

  • [bug 110111011] Study for the 219 midterm on Friday. This generally involves finding a convenient diety to pray to, and hoping everything works out OK.

  • [bug e] Buy a Mother's Day gift.

  • [bug pi] Finish doing the dishes.

  • [bug why-the-fuck-am-I-giving-this-a-bug-number?] Laundry.

Completed Tasks

  • Slept through--I mean, took my 215 midterm.

  • Poured large amounts of Hawking radiation into the black hole that is my desk.

  • Hung out in #gaim and #gentoo a little too long.

  • Ate crappy imitation sushi.

Late Tasks

  • Find roommate

  • Find cheaper condo/apartment/cardboard box/rock to share with said roommate

  • Buy new laptop to replace the current asstop

It's all uphill from here...

-- Des

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