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The Plan here's the plan for tomorrow:

  • Go to CSC 206. Get reamed by Dan for not having finished what he wanted me to (despite me having already given him a warning to this effect).

  • CPE 219. Figure out what I missed the past two sessions, since I had allergy, really. Honestly, I did.

  • 4-hour "break". Get lunch, probably from Backstage. Try to avoid fellow lab rat/god-squadder. Spend the other 3 hours frantically trying to write an assembler program for 215 (which is thankfully due on Monday).

  • CPE 215. Sleep for an hour, then proceed to lab. Engage in 1-hour marathon debugging session on the Macs there. Hope everything works.

  • Head back home. Pack for this weekend. Feed the car, and then me. Get high on Sudafed, and take off for the bay area.

-- Des

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