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Orion is in my lap...usually it's Oberon, but this time it's Orion. I don't know where Phoebe got off to...haven't seen her much at all today, which is unusual, since my mom had to go into SF to work.

I'm tired and I want to sleep, despite the fact that I got up 12 hours ago. I think I'm getting too much sleep...or maybe I'm just avoiding being around my family. Either way, too much.

I wonder how I managed to end up being so bitchy today...I think it probably had something to do with sleeping in so late. The alarm is set for 9 AM tomorrow, though, so hopefully that won't happen again.


P.S. I forgot to mention...I got libext's plugin system working (the C++ I was talking about earlier), so now it's really, really easy to write plugin systems for applications using libext. If xenithtoast and I decide to use C++ for our music library project, I think we'll definitely use this for filetype and I/O plugins.

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