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A Few Brief Notes on the Weekend

I made it there and back mom and I actually mostly got along, for once. I think the healing process has begun. I can only hope it continues in this vein.

* * *

I have a new appreciation for the circus, and for the expression/emotion which is possible through the performances. I went this weekend (for my grandma's birthday), and while their technique and technical ability weren't close to could tell they were very enthusiastic and very passionate about their art. It made the whole show a very positive experience...and one that I will remember for some time.

My thoughts and impressions are still jumbled...I think I'll need sleep before everything sorts itself out.

* * *

My 2nd cousin, who is--about 10 years old? Something like that--took one look at me today, and decided to latch on. She spent the entire trip sitting next to me, holding my hand...everything. She has always been like this with me...and I'm not quite sure why. When it was time to break into our separate cars to go to the restauraunt (sp?) for lunch/dinner, she wanted to ride with me, in my car. Period.

It' I've never really been that close to their family (they live an hour-plus away from my parents, so travel time was always prohibitive), but she always seems to really like being in my company. I can't really explain's just cool.

* * *

Thus concludes my weekend...and I still have a project left to do. Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow... :-/

-- Des

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