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The geek's curse...

I know I'm probably going to get chided for this, but I find it amusing, in a dark, morbid sort of way.

    (17:16:00) CondorDes: you know, at the rate you're going, you're going to be a dirty old single man at age 50
    (17:16:12) CondorDes: hell, i'll probably be the same way...
    (17:18:30) Phlog (Mobile): I'm already a dirty man, so I don't see why I wouldn't be when I'm olde[r]
    (17:19:26) CondorDes: I am *so* going to LJ this.

I realize this isn't true for many geeks, but it is for me (and incidentally, for phlog), now. Whatever happened to me just not caring? I used to be so good at being apathetic... *pouting*

    (17:24:35) CondorDes: i'm just going to sit here and make fun of you until you give up :D
    (17:24:48) CondorDes: and you in turn are allowed to make fun of me
    (17:26:33) Phlog (Mobile): oh, I do. Just behind your back. It'
    (17:26:38) Phlog (Mobile): it's more satisfying that way
    (17:26:48) Phlog (Mobile): Bwahahaa

And now I'll stop being annoying. Thanks for listening, and have a nice day.

More to come on this weekend when it's finished, and when I get around to writing it.

-- Des

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