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I was stupid when I compiled deneb's kernel. I turned on IDE SCSI emulation, but left off SCSI CDROM and SCSI Generic support. So, when I went to (finally!) burn my backup CD for the month (hah...should be for the week, but I don't remember the last time I backed up...), I discover that deneb can see its CD burner, but it can't do anything with it!


So...instead of bringing the whole machine down (with its 40-day uptime) and recompiling my kernel from scratch, I just went into the kernel source, added the two options I needed, compiled them as modules and loaded them.

Bingo...instant CD burning capability.

Kernel modules are cool.

* * *

For the less technically-inclined amongst my readers, keep in mind that doing anything similar in Windows would require a reboot. In Windows, you'd bork the system if you tried installing a driver and using it without rebooting.

-- Des

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