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Weekend Review

That's HUN-gree, not HORN-ee. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I'm sitting here, eating my microwaved dinner, listening to Massinova, and trying to LJ, all at once. There should be a law against compulsive multitasking.

* * *

Friday, I skipped most of my classes, and dragged phlog and muleherd to the beach. We went down to Oceano dunes and went driving (since I was silly/stupid enough to buy the annual pass), and went clear down to the very end. The whole beach was packed with people...stupid Memorial Day weekend.

* * *

This weekend went pretty well, all things considered. On Saturday, kraydon came up from SB, and I got to meet her for the first time at the potluck. I spent most of the time sitting back in the corner and listening, which was just fine. I didn't know anybody there other than brokenpipe...and seeing him was a complete surprise.

kraydon made these grilled cheese sandwiches for Cheddar, Havarti, tomatoes and garlic salt. It sounds weird, but they were yummy. We ended up sitting around in the living room watching The Last Crusade, and randomly talking about various things. (Well, they did the talking, I did the listening.)

Oh yes, and brokenpipe is now required to bring his Tiramisu (sp?) to the next large-scale TM get-together.

Perhaps contrary to outward appearances, I did actually have a good time.

explodinglemur and I have been trying to meet all weekend...but the planets just haven't come into alignment yet. Hopefully sometime this week.

* * *

Sunday during the day was spent moping around the apartment, digesting Saturday night's events...until devpreed finally called (on kion's cell) to let me know they would be in around 7:30-8ish, and we could come over for a low-key hacking night.

So, Sunday night was spent at kion's, watching Margaret Cho, and subjecting phlog to QaF. Even though I like girls, I still find that show entertaining/interesting to watch.

Today was spent mostly at kion's, again...watching random movies and Star Trek (the original series). Then I came home, looked around my apartment, decided it needed to be cleaned (again), and did nothing about it (again).

Now I'm probably just going to sit here and be bored. Or, if I weren't feeling so apathetic, I might actually try to get some work done. Who knows.

-- Des

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