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Mac OS on Windows on Linux on ...

You know what I find amusing?

MacOS running inside the Windows NT port of an M68K emulator, running on Wine.

Also, this is another screenshot to add to my collection.

...of my monitor, that is. :)

There are a couple things to note here. First, the fact that I can access my UNIX homedir in MacOS, by mapping it as a Wine drive, then exposing it to MacOS through Basilisk. Second, MacOS doesn't know what to do with a disk that has 22 GB free space. :)

Also...I find a MacOS desktop with Gentoo wallpaper highly amusing.

Why am I doing this, you ask? Simple...I have a CPE 215 project due on Friday. I have to write the game of Life in assembler for the Motorola 68K platform.

Go me...I can turn an exercise in geekiness into something even more geeky! :-D

-- Des

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