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Exercises in Futility (Updated)

Had a rather interesting (and amusing) conversation with Dazed (aka Jackie) tonight...

    (21:00:41) CondorDes: i'm also frustrated that dell didn't ship my laptop today
    (21:02:16) CondorDes: They sat on the stupid thing all day and didn't do anything...
    (21:02:18) CondorDes: oh well
    (21:02:21) Jackie: hey, just remember the words that sound very deep,
    (21:02:26) Jackie: call them and it will come
    (21:02:31) CondorDes: :)
    (21:03:03) CondorDes: I'll just be patient, even though I used all my patience for things like my mom and school.
    (21:04:56) Jackie: ohhhhhhhhh, poor baby, no one should have to be patient when he's waiting for his brand-new baby laptop

    (21:05:51) CondorDes: All my glasses are dirty...but I just bought a fresh gallon of milk...hmm
    (21:06:05) Jackie: :)
    (21:06:08) Jackie: be a boy
    (21:06:14) Jackie: drink from the jug
    (21:06:47) CondorDes: that would make me an icky boy
    (21:06:53) Jackie: yup
    (21:06:58) Jackie: I'd tell you you're gross
    (21:07:10) Jackie: but steph does that too
    (21:07:43) CondorDes: No, I refuse...I've been domesticated.
    (21:07:51) Jackie: HAHAHHAHAHAHA
    (21:08:27) CondorDes: what? did I say something funny?
    (21:08:37) Jackie: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    (21:08:55) Jackie: even when you're indifferent, you're still funny
    (21:09:28) Jackie: how long did you have to spend in boy training school before you passed
    (21:09:32) Jackie: ?
    (21:10:02) CondorDes: who says I passed? :)
    (21:10:25) Jackie: well, wouldn't you still be an icky boy if you didn't pass
    (21:10:27) Jackie: ?
    (21:10:46) CondorDes: *drinks straight from the milk jug*
    (21:11:20) Jackie: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    (21:11:23) Jackie: that's gross
    (21:11:27) Jackie: learn manners
    (21:11:57) CondorDes: I am *so* going to LJ this...
    (21:12:01) CondorDes: :-D

* * *

I'm feeling apathetic. Meh.

The apartment is a mess, I still have my two CPE projects to do, and I haven't eaten dinner. What's more, I don't care.

Summer must be almost here.

* * *

Update 21:36 PDT: I'm apparently having Cherry-Mountain-Dew-Teriyaki-flavored ramen for dinner...

    (21:25:17) CondorDes: yay ramen
    (21:25:44) Jackie: make it cooler by putting something in it
    (21:26:09) CondorDes: i'll probably add some teriyaki
    (21:27:15) Jackie: hmmm now that will make it interesting
    (21:27:31) Jackie: you gonna not put this broth flavoring in then?
    (21:28:11) CondorDes: oh yes, i will
    (21:28:18) CondorDes: but i'm going to add teriyaki on top of that
    (21:28:40) Jackie: hmmm, well, that'll be interesting
    (21:28:57) Jackie: it's probably do a great deal to make you something other than indifferent
    (21:30:13) CondorDes: maybe
    (21:30:20) CondorDes: if i add some caffeine to the mix there's a better chance
    (21:30:28) Jackie: dude
    (21:30:35) Jackie: you're just plain weird now
    (21:30:50) Jackie: the teriaki was, hmmm, something I wouldn't want to add
    (21:31:05) Jackie: the caffeine on top of that is just gross
    (21:32:28) CondorDes: hehehe
    (21:32:33) CondorDes: nono, mountain dew
    (21:32:39) CondorDes: albertsons had it on sale for 79 cents a bottle
    (21:32:41) CondorDes: i bought two
    (21:32:47) CondorDes: (only two...i restrained myself)
    (21:33:16) Jackie: dude, now you're bordering on nasty
    (21:33:32) Jackie: go have your weird excuse for batchelors' steak
    (21:33:42) CondorDes: rofl
    (21:33:56) CondorDes: you've never drank mountain dew with your ramen?
    (21:34:23) Jackie: I've never put mountain dew in teriaki ramen
    (21:34:39) CondorDes: ok, now YOU'RE the weird one
    (21:34:47) CondorDes: you don't mix them...silly
    (21:36:25) Jackie: hey, you were the one who was talking about putting teriaki in then adding caffeine or mountain dew
    (21:36:39) Jackie: what was [I] suppposed to think?

-- Des

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