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OK, that's it.

This apathy thing is stupid. Aside from it being stupid, it's just driving me stir-crazy. Thus, I have come up with a list of directives to kill this particular problem.

(I seem to be prone to stir-craziness...)

* * *

Continuting Operational Directives:

  1. The night before, make a list of what I plan to accomplish/do in a given day. Keep it on the whiteboard. Except when in crash mode, a certain amount of that list must be downtime of one form or another.
  2. Stick to that list. Don't arbitrarily remove or defer things, and don't do things that aren't on it, either, unless I decide to add them.
  3. Create a balanced list of mid and long-term goals. Keep this list someplace where it is easily accessible. Don't modify it without sleeping on it at least one night.
  4. Spend at least one half-hour block in any given day staring at the clouds or the hills, idly watching other people pass by, and/or contemplating the greater scheme of things.
  5. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  6. Do something spontaneous once a week. (Yes, that means add it to the daily list, and do it, on the spot.)

As a rule, I'm not particularly fond of "recipes" for "success" (whatever that is), but the current alternative is apathy. Apathy is getting boring, and depressive.

Besides, if I spend all my time talking about apathy, you're all going to think I have no life. :)

-- Des

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