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I am a Moron.

What's wrong with this code?

;; Prints the life board pointed to by A0 to STDOUT.
        movem.l A0/D0-D1,   -(SP)
        ;; We're printing 32 characters at a time 
        move.l  #32,        D0
        ;; We're at row 'n'
        move.l  #1,         D1

        ;; Print the grid, row by row; 32 rows
        jsr     strout
        jsr     newline
        adda.l  #32,        A0
        addi.l  #1,         D1
        cmpi.l  #32,        D1
        blt     nextlife
        movem.l A0/D0-D1,   (SP)+

My last two 215 labs were fscked-up because of this, and I have a final in this class in just under two hours...

5 points and a cookie to whoever gets the answer.

-- Des

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