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Been having trouble sleeping, as usual.

Has anyone but me noticed that a lot of those online quizzes are just wrong? The last few I've taken have come back with answers that are way off-base. Things like..."geeky intellectualism turns me off"...uhm, hello? Who do you think you're talking to?

My philosophy is, if you need to take a quiz to learn something about yourself, there's something wrong. I do it mainly for the sheer amusement value...why they amuse me, I'm not sure. But they do. *shrug*

I notice that I'm getting very worried and tense again, which is probably why I'm having this minor bout of insomnia. I did not go to bed once before 3:30 this weekend, though not for want of trying.

I have to get up at 8 tomorrow (as usual)...I hope this isn't another one of those nights.

Didn't get to go to the beach today...when I got up, I remembered I had physics homework and laundry to do. So I spent all day doing that, and coding. The coding project will be cool, if I ever have the energy/time to finish it. I think this one might be doable, but I need to design it more thoroughly.

I hope work will be light tomorrow, because that way I can just take off to the beach after the weekly staff meeting. I think I need it.

The touchpad on this laptop is pissing me off. I keep hitting it with the edge of my hand, causing my mouse to do things like select the last few paragraphs of my LJ entries, and delete them (when I hit the next key). I'm going to have to learn better how to deal with this...I hope it doesn't mean keeping my wrists constantly elevated, because that's going to put increased strain on my muscles.

OK, time to try sleeping, now that it's almost 1 AM. Night all.

-- Des

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