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The left front speaker in the car is cutting in and out.

I'm going to have to rip the door apart sometime in the next few days and figure out what's going on. Ugh.

On a similar note, have to go home this weekend to swap cars with the parents. There will be no "soccer mom" taunts next week. :)

* * *

I slept last night...somewhat. I slept very lightly, woke up at 5, and went back to sleep. In fact, I'm not sure one could really call it sleeping; more like being in a trance, or meditation. I wasn't aware of the outside world, yet I was conscious and thinking the whole night. Thinking about mainly people and relationships, and where I fit in.

Nights like last night (where the whole night is spent in deep meditation, as opposed to sleep) are very rare for me. There are times when I wish they were more frequent. They are, unfortunately, mind and body seem to decide for themselves when it's necessary, and when it's not. I have very little actual say in the matter.

Ugh...Physics today. Evil.

-- Des

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