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There was another fire today, this one right next to hwy 1 on the south side. I have no doubt that the houses at the base of Bishop's had been evacuated. You could see the smoke from covered a good quarter of the sky.

They had helicopters and firefighters out, of course...I took hwy 1 home, just to see the was surprisingly close to the road. I'm honestly surprised it wasn't closed. There were people parked on either side, out of their cars and watching...I didn't see any news crews, though. Nor have I seen any mention of this fire, or the grade fire a couple days ago, online.


In other news, I have a new A/C, and the new one actually works! :-D Oh yes, and it has a thermostat, which is really nice for when I'm not home, but the servers need cooling.

Laptop has been up for 3 days now...maybe I should power it down tonight. :p

* * *

More on the fire...

It put a few things back in perspective,, as I noted in #tm, was a male PMS day. I missed physics, because the traffic on the grade caused me to be really late getting down (I'm going to have to leave earlier), and there wasn't any work for me today. So I basically ended up going down to Poly for nothing.

Anyway, here I am on campus bitching about this trivial little issue (not having anything to do because I was late), and basically letting it ruin my day. Then I happen to look up, and notice this rather large fire in the hills, and I realize, there are people who have to deal with a lot more shit than me today. I can't imagine what the owners of those homes were going through...the fire was close enough from what I saw to easily take out most of the houses at the base of the hill.

And when you get right down to it, it's all petty, stupid stuff. Because compared to the possibility of losing your house, being late (and subsequently missing) class doesn't even register on the scale.

I bitch a fair amount about being apathetic, or not having a girlfriend, or homework... but I don't stop to consider the fact that (a) it's my own damn fault, (b) I'm not ready for another one yet, and (c) there's not a damn thing I can do about it except get it done.

-- Des

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