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Tonal Control

Ugh...been wrestling with libext for most of the day...which is now renamed to libcppfu, because there was already a libext on the net. I sure hope there isn't a libcppfu, though I didn't think to check...I can't imagine someone would come up with a silly name like that for a library.

Anyway, I didn't even get done what I wanted to...libcppfu is still undocumented. I was going to use LyX to do it, but someone pointed out doxygen to me, so I think I'll take a look at that and see if it's better. Ugh...too many tools.

So, xenithtoast, rjoseph and I decided to call our media server 'Tonal Control''s a play off Total Control. We've decided to do it in C++, and we're going to use input and output plugins for accessing/streaming music. There will also be several nice GUIs on top of it. That's about as far as we've designed so far. Oh yes, we're using BerkeleyDB for the data storage/searching.

It's my job to learn BerkeleyDB, and to make sure libcppfu does its job as the resident memory manager (ha ha, look, a bad pun from the DOS days...). I'm sure I'll have other jobs at some point...especially since I'm the only one that knows automake/autoconf ATM.

I could rant about my mom telling me to go to bed at 10:30, but I'm too tired, and there's no point anyway.
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