Des (deskitty) wrote,

Beach! Yay!

Went to the beach today, after class/work. Drove out to Sand Spit, and went for a little is prone to happen with me, two hours later, I get back to the car drenched in sweat because I decided to take the really windy, sandy path that goes up and down dunes.

Actually, I didn't even know where the path led when I started walking on it, I just walked down the beach a ways, saw a path and thought, "oh cool! a path! I wonder where it leads?". Oddly enough, I've never gotten lost doing that...because I usually exercise my common sense ("gee, this path is going toward the road, so it probably intersects it at some point"), and failing that, I turn around.

The whole point of this, of course, is to relieve stress and give my subconscious a chance to think things over and work them through. I don't know how much of that happened today, but I do know the stress relief happened. I really should get back into my habit of going to the beach every week. Maybe I'll have some time to do that now that I'm not going up to the bay area again for a while.

-- Des

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