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Still Tired...

OOOH! We had thunder, lightning and rain this morning! w00t!!!

Got a decent amount of sleep last night (7+ hours), but for some odd reason, I'm still tired. I'm beginning to suspect something other than lack of sleep. I know my diet is pretty reasonable (I'm getting most of what I need food-wise, and the rest is being picked up by the vitamins I take every day), and I'm getting a certain minimal amount of exercise (certainly more than I used to be getting).

But I'm still tired, and I can't seem to focus. As evidence of this, Physics still isn't done, even though I'm posting this to LJ and compiling a kernel on polaris at the same time. Go figure...

If I can't figure out what's going on myself, I might go in to the doctor and see if they can give me any suggestions. Because it's frustrating not being able to focus, even though I (a) know I need to, and (b) have the mental energy to do so. I just lack the concentration, or the stamina, or...something.

Let's just hope the mono isn't coming back.

-- Des

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