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Weekend Decompression

The past week has been...evil for me. Even now I don't have the energy to write about it, but I'm going to try anyway.

Lately I've been feeling as if each day is a battle...I get up in the morning, after a too-short rest, and head off to deal with Physics. Then after Physics, I have to contend with work, and with boring, mundane stuff like checking the configration of 24 machines, and then vacuuming all the dust out of them. Then I come home, too tired to do much of anything, and have to start homework, or work on CRASH. By the time I get finished with those, it's pretty close to midnight, and time for bed.

I guess I wouldn't mind the workload so much (I tend to get more done in high-stress situations), but I'm just not handling it the way I should be. Instead of rising to the occasion, and stepping in there to get shit done, I'm loafing, procrastinating, constantly feeling tired and sorry for myself.

I've made some effort to mess with my diet (no caffeine, reduced sugar consumption, things like that), and I've tried changing my routine (sleep patterns and whatnot), but haven't found anything that makes a difference yet. Quite honestly, I think it's all this goddamn sunny weather and heat. I like clouds, fog and rain...not all the time, but certainly more than we've had recently. The last time I can remember feeling really happy about something was the thunderstorm we had a week or two ago.

* * *

northing came down this weekend. He and I dropped by kion's and talked, watched movies, and went out to sushi. Mmmm...sushi is extreme yumminess. Rob and I took off on Saturday to go out to Montana de Oro for a while, while Kevin had to work (he would've liked to come :-/). We went hiking down by Sand Spit, where the dunes are. He managed to thoroughly tire me out on the way back -- but when you compare me with someone who just got back from climbing Mt. Shasta a few weekends ago, it's not hard to see why.

But it was good exercise...I really pushed myself (only 2 or 3 breaks, and those were just before we really started going uphill). I was breathing hard and dripping sweat, but's not something I do very often. So what the heck. I actually didn't crash afterwards, although that probably has something to do with (a) the company, and (b) the fact that we were both laying around doing absolutely nothing afterwards.

There were a lot of horses on the trail...which isn't really odd, but I liked it. If there is one positive thing I got out of dating Liz, it's probably my fondness for horses. Rob has a picture of me standing next to one talking to it. I'll have to get pictures from this weekend from him.

All in all, it was a light, relaxing weekend...which is exactly what I needed.

* * *

So I got home today, and decided I was going to move everything over to polaris, once and for all. So I get to the point where it's time to move my disks over...and guess what...the P2 doesn't support disks that big. So I'm now in the process of frantically moving everything back over to deneb (polaris is now in pieces on the floor, effectively dead). This is looking like it's going to be a long night...

-- Des

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