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I now have my own desk and workstation at work. Yay!

I've been wanting to play with Solaris hardware for a while...just to experience something other than the consumer-oriented Intel and Mac platforms. I now have a Sun Blade 100 sitting on my desk, which I've been using almost exclusively. I've been learning to make Solaris packages the past few days, as well...since Sun's packages are either nonexistent or out of date. So far I've made packages for screen, gaim and zsh...with a couple more coming tomorrow. Once I actually know what I'm doing, they might have me start building packages for distribution to faculty machines.

* * *

My CRASH bug list has been progressing very well the past couple of days. We're all behind, but I think we might actually be able to make the deployment date.

* * *

There's this black cat that has come around every day for the past few days. When I get home in the evenings, she comes up to me, and has to rub against my legs and meow, and I have to pet her, before I'm allowed to go inside. I haven't been feeding it, I swear! It just seems to like me...

I think it's probably a stray that someone dumped off...she's been getting skinnier and skinnier, and she's not a well-groomed cat. I spent about 15 minutes today petting her and watching the fur come off in sheets on my hands. (They were washed very thoroughly afterwards.) It looks very much like Oliver, an outdoor stray that had adopted my family several years ago.

I just hope this one doesn't get run over by a car.

-- Des

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