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Overheard while talking to northing...

Spent several hours with Rob on AIM on Friday. Among the more amusing tidbits was this little gem...

    (00:04:37) CondorDes: $diety knows crash has been hard enough
    (00:04:45) CondorDes: deity...gah
    (00:04:57) CondorDes: i've been misspelling it for the past N months and didn't realize it until gaim highlighted it
    (00:05:11) hallo_spaceboy: I didn't know the divine had been declared a string.
    (00:05:14) hallo_spaceboy: ;-)
    (00:05:18) CondorDes: haha
    (00:05:22) CondorDes: or at least, an environment variable
    (00:05:37) CondorDes: mr. I-used-to-know-BASIC ;)
    (00:05:50) hallo_spaceboy: <-- old school
    (00:05:55) CondorDes: hehe
    (00:06:13) CondorDes: hey, I know BASIC... I just stopped using it after I hit puberty :-)
    (00:06:41) CondorDes: went out and learned C++ and Perl.
    (00:06:43) hallo_spaceboy: Oh, when did that happen? Weds? ;-)
    (00:06:48) hallo_spaceboy: ROTFL!!!
    (00:06:50) CondorDes: rofl
    (00:07:26) CondorDes: oh, i see how it is... make fun of me because i'm 40 years younger than you ;)
    (00:07:50) hallo_spaceboy: I quit using BASIC about the time you were busy being born.
    (00:08:06) CondorDes: hehehe
    (00:08:13) hallo_spaceboy: I used very sophisticated languages like F77 then.
    (00:08:16) hallo_spaceboy: ;-)
    (00:08:46) CondorDes: uh-huh, because you were past your mid-life crisis when F77 came out :-D
    (00:08:59) ***CondorDes ducks
    (00:09:11) hallo_spaceboy: *throws stack of punched cards at you*
    (00:09:15) CondorDes: rofl
    (00:09:36) CondorDes: I am *so* going to LJ this...

And I did, too. ;)

-- Des

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