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Outages and Dual Heads

I've been scanned repeatedly in the past 24 hours for an open proxy... it's starting to get rather annoying. I even had someone poking at my telnet port this morning. Sheesh.

Also had a power outage this morning...well, more of a voltage drop. The lights started flickering while I was in the shower...which was rather annoying, because I had to jump out and go unplug deneb to prevent its power supply from shitting itself. And PG&E has changed their electrical outage report hotline thing, so I now have to give them an account number whenever I call. Unfortunately, it just so happens that my landlady is the one who pays the electric bill... so I don't even have the account number. Meh.

* * *

It took me all of 15 minutes once I thought of it, but I now have a dual-headed 1600x1200 desktop, thanks to deneb's 19-inch monitor, and alnath's video card.

nVidia makes some pretty decent hardware. :)

-- Des

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