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My flow has been good today. In fact, today has been my best day in a looooooong time. I think it really started last night.

I actually made it through a Physics homework assignment without needing to put stuff off for office hours. I started on some stuff at work that I've been putting off for...forever (mainly because it's boring administrativa). I spent some time to/with myself in one of my special spots on campus. And I actually contributed something in lab today. How's that for coolness? :)

I got a lot of sleep the night before last, which is probably why. I think, now that Physics is done, I'm going to go do something mind-numbing and relaxing, and go to sleep. But not until I finish this CD...this is probably my favorite raises memories, but semi-pleasant ones. I like this whole CD in general...I think it's going back into my car in the morning, in honor of the fog...yummy, yummy fog.

I had forgotten again...this is what life is about. It's about the foggy mornings, it's about the 2 hour phone conversations, and it's about taking care of the important things, instead of just messing around all day reloading Slashdot.

Now I just need a significant other, or at the very least a really close friend to be with, and then this day would be perfect.

-- Des

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