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On to the next task...

I know I haven't posted in a while...sorry...haven't really felt the need.

Finals (namely Physics) were finished on Wednesday. I suppose it's a bit of a relief, I'm still at work...which is as exciting as ever, I suppose. Very little work this week, but things are going to really pick up next week.

Had Chinese food and walked around downtown SLO with kithkanan tonight. Most of the time was spent browsing used bookstores...which are some pretty interesting places to go. I'm liking downtown more and more.

I've been taking a lot of me-time lately. Like I told northing earlier this week, I think that weird, wild and whacked-out part of me is returning. It was largely chased off in high school and in least, I think it was.

We have angular momentum, angular velocity, angular acceleration, hell, even angular force (torque), so why not angular time? Time, after all, merely allows for state what's wrong with placing it on a polar graph, instead of a neatly Cartesian one?

Hehe...we shall see what (else) happens.

-- Des

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