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northing came down for the weekend. I was feeling unusually antisocial, but I think despite that I was able to help. I hope I was able to, anyway. There was much beach-walking and movie-watching. There was also much discussion, but I find that I'm remembering less and less as the time passes... unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly commonplace. I hope my brain hasn't filled up yet.

Sunday night, after he left, I sat down with some candles and freshly-downloaded music, and started coding. I was amazed how easy it was for me to slip back into "the zone" was as if my mind had been waiting for just the right moment. I made a lot of progress last night, and (amazingly enough) with very few bugs to fix. Most of them were stupid mistakes I had made...things I'd forgotten to change, methods that I wasn't calling quite right, that sort of thing. Things that happen to every programmer as they're writing.

So...I haven't lost my touch. That makes me very happy. I may actually have the brains/brawn/balls/guts/determination/patience to write this thing after all.

Oh yes, RPC is yummy, and so is GPG. I just have to figure out a threading model that is reasonably scalable and makes sure messages get delivered in a timely fashion.

Work today was yucky, but I got more physical exercise in, so I guess it can't be all bad... yay for moving 80lb floor tiles around... Besides, floor tiles are actually kinda fun to play with.

Tonight, though, I'm feeling kinda blah. I'm tired from work, only got 6 hours of sleep last night, and don't feel like doing much of anything except moping in front of the computer. If I owned a TV, it would be on, and the rest of the night would get kissed goodbye. As it is, I think I might get up, move around some, eat some cookies, and then hopefully feel like coding. I want to get the featureset for this RPC thing finished tonight, even if it's horribly buggy.

For some odd reason, I find debugging to be mind-numbingly dull, and thus horribly easy. The bugs themselves are hard to find, and hard to fix, usually...but the process itself is much less creative, and thus much less taxing on my mental faculties.

-- Des

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