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Well, I went to Fry's and spent a lot of money. Namely, I bought a WAP (that's Wireless Access Point for the non-geeky). So, now I can wander around my apartment (both inside and outside) at will with the laptop, and never lose connectivity.

Ooooh, being a Borg is fun... :)

So, yeah, it was actually a family trips to Fry's are always fun, because everybody always wanders around and looks at different stuff...and we always end up finding lots more than we originally were looking for.

So, tonight we came home with a couple 80GB Seagate hard disks for $50 each, my WAP, and a 128MB SD card for my dad's new Pocket PC (I was my mom's idea) for, well, I don't remember, but a lot cheaper than you can usually find them.

Anyway, I'm busy being all happy and whatnot now that I have my WAP (and talking in #tm, of course), so I think I'd better end it here.
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