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Lonely seems like such an...inadequate word.

I was laying in bed, and thinking... and I thought, "What if, right now, we had some major ecological disaster and had to get off the planet and live in space? Could we do it?"

Well, no. We couldn't.

We could, given 10 years notice or so, if we had the manpower and the technology. (Yes, I just pulled that number out of my ass.) But a great many of us would die, and the rest would be scattered throughout the solar system--hell, the local star cluster (assuming we live that long).

Maybe we'd find a place to settle, and maybe we wouldn't. Chances are we wouldn't...which means our species would be confined to a life of wandering the stars inside giant spaceships that would slowly deteriorate until they were nothing more than lifeless hunks of metal.

On the grand scale of things, we're but a speck in the Universe...not even that. We've somehow managed to squeeze 6 billion people onto this crazy little planet, and we don't even have a way of getting off it in an emergency.

The Universe is a very unforgiving place; and we are but collections of complex molecules interacting in highly improbable ways. It would not be wise for us to forget that.

IMHO probability says that the human race will die's only a question of when, and how. We as a species are lonely enough as it is; I'd hate to see it happen while we're scattered to the winds, running from a planet that kicked us out the door of its own volition.

-- Des

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