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w00t! I am in my room, at the other end of the house, on the wireless network. The connection is a little flaky this far away, but it actually seems to be holding out OK. There are just a couple dead spots here and there.

I just wish my display would go's really bright right now, which is annoying, and it's eating batteries. Oh, and my speakers are making a very, very faint squawking sound, which I suspect is the fault of the wireless card. Ah, well, these are little things...on the whole, I'm happy. Now, if linux would just get decent ACPI support for suspending...

My hard disk seems to want to blip every few seconds or so, which is annoying, because it has to power on and power off more battery. I turned off ReiserFS journalling, but that doesn't seem to have made any difference. Oh well...I'll figure something out...

Sheesh, it's almost 3 AM. Maybe I'd better get to bed. Jackie's supposed to be out here at some point tomorrow.

Oh, and I promise to do these updates somewhat more frequently...I haven't been around much because of Christmas and all that.

'Night all.
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