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Ugh. Healthy food is expensive. I need to find another grocery store...

I just got back from Albertson's, and ended up spending about $60 on rabbit food. (Carrots, fruit, salad, yogurt, orange juice and the like...) So I'm now in full health-food, self-recovery mode.

This (and sleep) had better kick the stress/nausea issue in the head. We'll see how I do this weekend.


I just deposited my final Cal Poly paycheck today... *sigh*

Oh well. At least I have plenty of money to eat/drive/buy random things this month. Next month is going to be a pain, though. Must find a job... either that, or convince parents to give me more money so I can examine the feasibility of my senior project idea in my spare time... Meh. Money is annoying, and pisses me off.

-- Des

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