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HA! I know about the squirrels...I KNOW their racket...

    (13:35:21) Tesko: SKANKY
    (13:35:47) CondorDes: Really?
    (13:36:12) Tesko: you're standing in a room, there is a plush doll here, there is a needle here
    (13:36:19) Tesko: POSSUMS
    (13:36:27) CondorDes: Look! It's a SPOON!
    (13:37:07) Tesko: THEADORE ROOSEVELT
    (13:37:10) Tesko: !!!
    (13:37:16) CondorDes: I *told* you! Be careful of the squirrels!
    (13:37:17) Tesko: THEADORE ROOSEVELT!!!
    (13:37:34) Tesko: squirrels? here? in north dakota? surely they have summer homes
    (13:37:56) CondorDes: But of course... they migrate to west hollywood.
    (13:38:15) CondorDes: And there they hang out in gay bars and pick up shemales.
    (13:38:23) Tesko: come then
    (13:38:29) Tesko: we are off to hollywood
    (13:38:34) Tesko: load up the mazda with sandbags
    (13:38:38) Tesko: incase of wind
    (13:38:40) CondorDes: But I'm not a shemale, and I don't have any CARROTS!
    (13:38:41) Tesko: and sleet
    (13:39:00) Tesko: REGUARDLESS we will pick up carrots in flagstaff
    (13:39:15) CondorDes: Oh, of course.
    (13:39:19) Tesko: yes
    (13:39:31) Tesko: where are the keys????? fuck my hair is knotty
    (13:39:58) CondorDes: They're probably buried underneath your DILDO COLLECTION next to the pile of MASKS...
    (13:40:33) Tesko: you werent supposed to know about my MASKS
    (13:41:02) Tesko: paper towels are to the left of the fork drawer
    (13:41:04) CondorDes: Blame the BIRDS, it's all their fault ...
    (13:43:38) Tesko: feather breasted females
    (13:43:45) CondorDes: I have a DATE with my MANICURIST...I'd better GO...
    (13:44:12) Tesko: stink foot blueprint
    (13:44:13) CondorDes: Say hi to the tabby walruses for me...
    (13:44:22) Tesko: make with the chop chop
    (13:44:35) Tesko: teve torbes

-- Des

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