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Another Moral Rant

[Disclaimer: This is not well-written, and I know I'm probably not doing a good job of communicating here. I need my dinner, and a nap. But I'm procrastinating, of course. ;)]

It's people like this who start Crusades. I do not understand these people.

I don't understand why it would ever be necessary to die for one's beliefs. I don't understand why there have to be bigots who cannot accept the views of others. I don't understand why everything has to be considered a "moral" issue.

Morally, what gives the greatest number of people the greatest happiness, is right. What hurts people, is wrong. Happiness, of course, will vary... short-term vs long-term, and who knows how many different types of happiness exist. So it's pretty much up to each individual to decide, for themselves, what's right and what's wrong. But it is unacceptable for them to impose their views on others. Why? Because it makes those other people unhappy.

It is perfectly OK for some guy (we'll call him "Asswipe" ;) to detest and abhor gay marriages, and to speak about it to anyone who asks. But it is absolutely NOT ok for Asswipe to lobby Congress to ban gay marriage. Nor is it OK for Congress to outlaw gay marriage. Why? Because there are a lot of gays who would be much happier married.

Long story short: if it's just you, do whatever makes you--and others--the happiest (for some value of "happy"). But your right to do that ends when your actions directly and tangibly degrade the happiness of others. (Note that a straight Christian claiming his happiness is degraded by gay marriage is wrong; gay marriage does not involve him, thus his opinion on the issue is irrelevant.)

How could it be otherwise?

-- Des

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