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Cancelling eMusic

I kinda doubt anybody there will read this, but it needs to be said... maybe somebody over there will be listening.

    Please cancel my eMusic subscription, effective immediately. Your change to a limited-download model is unacceptable to me, as it does not seem to provide good value for my money. Should eMusic in the future decide to (a) increase the number of tracks available for $15/mo, and (b) offer a wider selection of better-known artists, I may decide to re-activate my account.

    However... thank you for providing this service. I, like many of my friends, committed to a boycott of CDs when the RIAA began raising their prices, reducing the quality of their music and suing their customers. When I discovered eMusic, I found a very reasonable compromise; music that, while not well-known, was better than Pop, and for a very reasonable price.

    I believe that if implemented properly, a subscription model such as the one you had (before switching to the limited-download model) would do a great deal to curb the illegal copying of music through file sharing. I hope that eMusic will reconsider its new policy, and at the very least, increase the monthly download allowance.

-- Des

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