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Jean and I went bowling last night, and played like 3 games... I guess I did fairly well, considering the fact that I hadn't played in over a year. My arm and lower back are both suffering, even 24 hours afterward, however...

So, Ibuprofen tonight, lots of protein, and lots of sleep.

I've been stuck in text mode all day, because I decided to be adventurous and push my laptop to Gentoo unstable... as a result breaking X and just about everything else (yay GCC 3.3!). So... everything is now needing a recompile. Thankfully my favorite text-based apps (ssh, links, etc) still work, so I'm able to function mostly normally. Only being able to have one thing on screen at a time is rather annoying, though. I keep having to switch back and forth between my various VTs to check mail, or check IRC, or... you get the idea.

So, blah. Waiting for X. Probably going to be a quiet and uneventful night at home, which is exactly what I need.

Update 21:30: w00t, all fixed. It wasn't X after all, it was those damn binary-only nVidia drivers.

-- Des

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