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Bored Fridays

I have this odd predilection for posting my AIM conversations to LJ...

    (21:31:54) Jackie: it's just that if your entire life just isn't what you want you'll never stay happy for long
    (21:32:18) CondorDes: nope
    (21:32:31) CondorDes: And what I want constantly changes, because I constantly want something different. :)
    (21:32:52) Jackie: maybe you just want to try things out until you find something you really like
    (21:33:19) CondorDes: Yeahhhh, maybe.
    (21:33:41) CondorDes: I don't know. I don't know what else besides computers I would/could do.
    (21:38:30) CondorDes: Meh. I want people.
    (21:38:39) Jackie: hmmmm
    (21:38:46) CondorDes: There aren't any people here.
    (21:38:46) Jackie: I don't know how to take that
    (21:38:54) Jackie: slavery's outlawed in this country
    (21:39:07) Jackie: dangit, I've been trying to tell you to move up here for two years
    (21:39:08) CondorDes: You should take that as a demand for you to drive out here right now and be social and watch a movie with me. :)
    (21:39:13) Jackie: you'd always have people here
    (21:39:16) CondorDes: hehehe
    (21:39:39) Jackie: ohhh, but you wouldn't have people always if I went and visited you there
    (21:39:47) CondorDes: Yes, but they probably wouldn't be as tolerant of my odd religious ideas as you are, dear. :)
    (21:40:04) Jackie: oh, just ignore the republicans and texans
    (21:40:10) Jackie: they go away if you ignore them
    (21:40:25) CondorDes: hahaha

...oh my $DEITY, did I just call my first ex "dear"? How silly of me. It just seemed appropriate...

    (21:44:34) Jackie: come watch monte python with us
    (21:45:01) CondorDes: OK! I'm going to use a giant catapult to launch myself over... catch me when I get there!
    (21:45:09) Jackie: ok
    (21:45:20) Jackie: aim for the pool
    (21:45:28) Jackie: watch out for migrating ducks
    (21:45:35) Jackie: that should be a sign
    (21:45:42) Jackie: beware of migrating ducks
    (21:45:52) CondorDes: OK, I will.
    (21:45:56) ***CondorDes launches

So. Would anyone like to invent the transporter, so I don't have to resort to this nasty catapult business? ;)

-- Des

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