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Falling off a Cliff

Oddly enough, the Star Trek soundtracks (and other music in that same vein) are music that I have to devote my whole attention to. I have a theory that because it's background music, it's designed to convey emotion much better than ordinary music. It's sole purpose is to supplant and heighten the emotion being felt by the audience in a particular scene.

This song is probably my most favorite out of all the Star Trek music I own. It's measured, smooth, has a nice, relatively continuous base, and yet it still has a clear melody.


Lately I've had that funny, weightless, breathless feeling you get from falling off a huge cliff. I just jumped off, and I'm falling--flying--but I'm so concerned with the ground that I can't enjoy the view; I can't enjoy the sensation.

Life is like falling off a cliff. We look down, we jump, and all our lives we're falling towards the ground. But we're so preoccupied with that ground that's going to smash us into a million tiny bits, that we can't stop to enjoy the feeling of freefall.

There have been a million times in the past few days when I've wanted to stop and just wallow in my emotions; experience moments to their fullest. But I never can, because there is always something else. The ground is always there.

I will probably spend my entire life -- the entire fall off the cliff -- wishing there was no ground, but to no avail.


And maybe I should just stop trying to be so damn deep, and get on with my life, ground or no ground.

-- Des

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