Out of Place

Our family's cat, Phoebe, died last night.

I'm sort of in shock, still.

She had a seizure -- she'd had one before, at Christmas, but recovered fully. Then she was perfectly fine until she had another one last night... and I don't even want to think about what happened. It was over in less than 5 minutes; we figured out later she had passed on before we could even make it into the car.

I broke 95 on the freeway to the vet, but ultimately it didn't matter. There is nothing we could have done.

Phoebe, we miss you. :( Thank you so much for being in our lives.

-- Des
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Emacs and Facebook

Facebook is the new Emacs. (A social networking site that has games? Really? As if Tetris in Emacs wasn't enough...)

And the old adage still holds true...

Emacs is a great operating system; too bad it doesn't have a good text editor.
Facebook is a great operating system; too bad it sucks at social networking.

[For the record, it sucks because it fails at protecting user data, which is important when collecting a lot of it.]

-- Des
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Comment with "Ask me about how you can save up to 15% percent on [goofy item X]" and I'll ask you five questions, for you to answer here or on your own journal, or both.

Here are my questions from ensuing:

1. If you weren't a kitty, what sort of animal would you like to be?
Probably a wolf. They get to run long distances and howl and stuff. ^.^ But they also have a dedicated, loyal pack structure, and that's always something I've admired. I'd like to think I share those traits, and that I am a loyal friend, who will be there no matter what.

2. Who is the best fictional character ever?
EVER? Wow, that's a tough one. I dunno about "ever".

But for the moment... Xandir, from Drawn Together, because he's just so, well, gay. (And cute :3)

3. You are so awesome that the government decides to build a device to play your theme music wherever you go. What is your theme music?
hmmmm. I think the rather-jaunty Austin Powers theme song would do nicely!

4. You've just discovered the ultimate power source! What is it?
Antimatter, of course! Because Antimatter wins over ATOMIC POWER~!

5. For your achievements, you are allowed to captain a vehicle (real or fictional). What vessel do you command?
Oh man, such a tough choice! I guess it depends on how big the vessel gets to be. If it gets to be huuuuge, then I want a fast, nimble starship capable of travelling at faster-than-light speeds, with a full complement of scientific equipment and defensive shielding and weaponry. And, of course, a full crew.

Otherwise, I want Shiro, but with rear-wheel drive, an onboard computer for music, GPS and car diagnostics, and sophisticated equipment for detecting and evading cops handing out speeding tickets. *nod*

-- Des
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Reminder: Emergency Info

Just as a reminder, my emergency (contact, medical, etc.) info is located here. You can also find it at the bottom of my profile page.

Anyone who knows me IRL can see this page, but I figured the rest of you should probably know it exists, just in case.

-- Des
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Devil Cat

Heel and Toe

Woohoo! I managed to accomplish my first heel-toe downshift in Shiro yesterday.

I even managed to repeat my success a couple times more during the day. The amusing thing is I was smoother on heel-toe than I have been recently on normal downshifting... O.o

Everytime I change my driving style to be more race-like with Shiro, he seems to get happier. >.>

-- Des

Boredom, Disney Trips and the Meaning of Life

I had a rare chat with northing last night. Every time I talk to him, I'm reminded of why I value his friendship so much. He always asks me insightful questions that nobody else does.

This time, he asked me about my mission in life. I really don't have one. I gave the subject a lot of thought a while back, but couldn't find something that wasn't in some way arbitrary. So I settled on the appropriately-vague "make the world a happier/better place", and have contented myself with doing whatever seems right in any particular moment.

But as any regular reader of this journal knows, I'm ... bored a lot of the time. I go to work, I do a job that's fun but not fulfilling, and then most evenings I come home and sit around on IM until it's time to go to bed. Part of the reason for the latter is that work does take a lot of effort, and on most nights by the time I get home, I'm in no mood to do anything constructive.

I've contented myself with making trips to Disneyland, or trips to visit friends in various parts of the state. Those are enjoyable, and if I'm making trips almost every weekend in a given month, it's almost enough. :)

The other thing I complain about a lot in here, and on the phone with friends, is that I don't feel I have much of a social life locally. That has actually improved slightly in the past month or two -- I see yelang once every couple of weeks or so, and glaurungs_spawn almost every week when I go down to Sunnyvale. (I find it a bit depressing that my social life only seems to improve when I'm in the South bay, but that's another post.)

And that leads me to North's next question: Why is it that I feel such a strong need for companionship? Why do I want a regular, close group of friends to hang out with?

I have an easy answer to that one: it makes me happy. One thing I have always had a strong appreciation for is interpersonal relationships -- it gives me an indescribable amount of pleasure to spend time with a friend, one whom I know very well, and be able to appreciate all the little nuances, mannerisms, banter, etc. that is unique to the two of us alone. Every friend is different -- unique and special.

I have a strong appreciation for that uniqueness, an appreciation that only grows stronger the longer I've known someone.

I like seeing people happy. I like making them happy. When they laugh, and when I can laugh with them, I feel like it all means something.

-- Des