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GULT: Interstate 60 and other randomness

I hate how it's hard for me to stay focused on things that aren't fun. Like, I could play Forza or crack-attack for a good two hours, but I can barely sit still for 10 minutes when it's time to write PHIL papers.

Speaking of which, I'm a little stressed about PHIL right now. We have a 4-page comment sheet due Wed, and then two 8-page essays due next Tues (during finals). I think I'm actually going to have to leave work early tomorrow to get this first paper done, seeing as how I haven't started it yet... :(

Of course, I can't really start it until I know what I can and can't write about, and in order for that to happen, I need an email response from the prof. So I probably won't be working on it until tomorrow after work.


Dark was here again last night. It's actually nice to have people around sometimes... like, I woke up this morning, came out, and there was a person. Whee.

I'm beginning to wonder if the amount of alone time I've needed for most of my life has just been a way to isolate myself and retreat from humanity. (I mean, duh, but I've always thought that was a means to maintaining a certain level of mental health, as opposed to an end in itself.) It seems like I've been needing less and less alone time lately (although I do still need some), and I've been more and more happy with being around friends.

The time I *do* get to myself has more often been spent staring at AIM/LJ/RSS feeds, which are really just alternate forms of interaction with people. It notably hasn't been used for being productive, meditating, writing, or reading (which are really the things it should be used for).


I saw Interstate 60 at the Institute (a.k.a. Andy/Joe's house) last Friday. It is one of the rare few movies that has been added to my "to-buy" list.

Why? Well, you'll just have to watch it, won't you? ;)

-- Des
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